How to make money online internationally

If you are have reached here, you meet all the requirements to make money online internatiionally. It just requires a mobile/laptop with an internet connection.

First question first. Why to make money online internationally? What is the scope and what are the benefits?

We are living in a digital world. There may be international boundaries but internet makes whole World as one. Internet has made whole World to resemble like a single village where you have, allmost, access to everything present.

So you can be at your home but virtually connected with other person/client in some other Country. You have better reach to the market.

With social media in place with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on you can show off your talent, skills and personality all over the world with few clicks.

Now lets directly dive into the ways of How to make money online internationally- We will be going through 13 ways to make money online internationally.

Start a Blog

Our first choice to make money online would be blogging. The best part is you can start writing about your favourite niche. There is no limit to topics on which you can start a blog.

You can start a blog followong the steps here;

  • First, choose your niche for the blog.
  • Purchase a domain name and web hosting for your blog.
  • Start writing quality content providing value to audience.
  • Monetize your blog with ad networks, like adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite similar to the blogging. The difference is that you can start affiliate marketing even without any blog/affiliate site.

In affiliate marketing you get some percent of commission on selling a product or service of other people. You can earn tons of money from affiliate marketing.

Register with some affiliate networks like Clickbank, choose a product you want to promote. You will be provided an affiliate link of the product which you have to promote on internet. If anyone purchases the product/service from your affiliate link, your account will be credited a percent of commission.

Ways of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Blog/Site

You can start a blog, this time an affiliate site, where you can write reviews about various products or services. People tend to like reviews before purchasing a product. So if people love your reviews and purchase from your links, you share in your blog, you would earn some money.


Start a YouTube channel, build your audience and start promoting affiliate products. You must have seen the description of a video, over YouTube, containing various product links. Those are nothing but affiliate links.

Even you can start making YouTube shorts, have more reach, and promote affiliate products.


Everybody knows how much time poeple spend on Facebook. While some waste time on Facebook and at the same time few other use it to earn money.

You can make Facebook page on a particular category of products. Start posting on the page consistently and your page will start growing.

Share your affiliate products and you will start earning money.


The idea is similar to the Facebook page. Create a business account on Instagram arround a particular category. Add posts, reels, story on the account on regular basis and gain followers.

Share your affiliate links and earn money online.

Quora, Pinterest, twitter, Medium

Use your mind as how to use these platfroms for affiliate marketing.

Create your own digital course

We beleive that everyone has some skill, knowledge and experience. Identify the thing you are good at. Make a small video course arround that thing and start selling it online.

Here is the tip to make an impressive digital course arround a particular topic.

Break you topic in various subheadings and under each subheading write a list of related points. Now record separate videos for each subheading of the topic and discuss the points you wrote under the corresponding subheading.

Keep length of individual videos under 10 minutes and overall length of the course arround one hour.

Start selling your course using the ways discussed under point no.2. You can also upload the course on Udemy or on other similar learning websits. You will rock once it starts selling.

Sell your Services

Selling services over the internet is the fastest ways to make money online. The question is how to reach to people and offer them your services.

Lets make it easy for you. Open Facebook and search for a service you want to provide, say ” video editing”. You will get numerous posts where people/businesses are looking for that service. comment or message them about your service.

There are many other ways to sell your services online like Instagram, twitter, YouTube, Linkedin etc.

How a blog aids in selling your service[best one]

If you are a blogger you have a beautiful opportunity to increase your online earning by selling a service on your blog. Here is how you can do that.

Suppose you are have a blog about INSTAGRAM growth and your blog gets a decent amount of traffice. You can create a section on you blog where you teach “how to gain popularity on Instagram” for some fixed price.

This way you add one more window for making money online.


After the outbreak of COVID19 freelancing has gained more popularity. Work from home has become a new norm and a new culture.

What is a freelance job?

In simple words freelance is a kind of self employment where you work for yourself, not under any employer.

You as a freelancer work as per your own convenience. You work for multiple clients at the same time. Once you complete the job you are paid at the rates set by you for a particular job.

For example, you may offer Logo Design as a freelancing service starting from 50$. If you get two clients a day and complete two logo designs, you get 100$. How cool is that.

Once you master the skill you can increase the pricing and complete the tasks quickly.

How do I start freelancing?

For beginners, register with some freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc, and make a profile arround your skill. Now follow the steps below:

  • Choose what you want to provide in service. For example, YouTube Thumbnail Design, Book cover design.
  • Set a range of price for your job. Choose optimum pricing level, neither too low nor too high.
  • Offer eye catching propsals that attracts clients.
  • Once a client approaches you, build the relationship of trust with them.
  • Satisfy the client provding additional values than he/she had thought of.
  • You are done, more clients start lining up in queues.

Instagram Influencer

Who is unaware of Instagram and its growing popularity. By 2023 the number of active instagram users, only in USA, is estimated to reach to 127.2 million. Is not that huge!

It is not just a photo sharing application. Trust me poeple are making lots of money from the platfrom.

If you want to earn as well from the Instagram as a influencer, you have to get followers. Just make a business account of Instagram around a particular category/niche.

Stay active on Instagram by posting regularly. Engage with the users, reply to each and every coment of your post. Build an audience base.

You would be then looked as an influencer. And, after getting near about ten thousand followers multiple enterprises may contact you regarding promotion of their products. In turn they pay you money proportional to the number of followers you have.

So more followers means more money.

So what are you thinking of! Start now. Choose a niche and start posting on instagram consistently.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. More and more people are coming to YouTube. From kids to professionals YouTube is accessed as per need, be it for educational purpose or for entertainment.

If you are good at somethng you are sure about you can teach to people, then YouTube is best for you. Start a YouTube channel about a particular category/niche.

Keep on uploading quality content on consitent basis. For example, Posting two or three videos every week regularly. If your content adds some value to peole, your channel will grow for sure.

For monetiztion, you need 1000 subscribers and arround 4000 hours of watch time. This is quite easy to achieve if quality videos are being uploaded regularly.

After monetization you can earn from adsence. Yoy can also make money from different other ways on YouTube including, affiliate marketing, sponsorship and so on.

Teaching online

Online teaching has also become a new norm post Covid19. Allmost all the countries, who faced covid19, moved from traditional to online mode of teaching.

This has tremendously increased the demand for online tutors. So if you want to make some extra money online start teaching online.

You can apply in various online educational acedemies as a tutor. You would be paid per hour or as per the criteria of a particular acedemy.

Even you can teach on YouTube. From there you can open your own online paid teaching courses. Chances are high that influencial online acedemies may approach offering a decent package for teaching on their platfrom.

We know, you can teach some subjects. So why not to give a try. Teaching increases your art of presentation, public speaking skill and more importantly your knowledge. This is a win-win case.

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